Solar LED Paver Series



Solar Lights Factory is the manufacturer and supplier of the largest selection of premium solar LED pavers for consumer and commercial use. We provide premium solar LED paver lighting, especially solar landscape lighting and outdoor solar LED paver lights for retail and wholesale. We combine super-bright LEDs, durable materials, and modern design with affordable pricing to produce high quality solar lights suitable for all applications. Our solar architectural lighting products and solar pavers are used by professionals and lighting enthusiasts alike for landscapes, gardens, decks, pathways, driveways, crosswalks, airports, plazas, and more.

Our solar LED paver lights and solar LED ground lights have received RoHS certification, a standard for environmentally safe products. Many have also received the highest Ingress Protection rating possible of IP-68, which means our solar lights are highly resistant to dust and moisture.

Our solar lights automatically start at dusk and work until the sun comes up. Easy installation, no electricity bills, no maintenance, and no wires. Little work for a unique, environmentally friendly, and effective light that pays for itself.