Are the products water-resistant?

Yes. With the highest IP rating of 68, our products are completely sealed. We have tested our products in all kinds of environments, including submerging them under several feet of water for months at a time. However, we would not recommend installing the lights under water, not only because it would interfere with the sunlight charge, but the pressure of being under water may shorten the lifespan of the light.

What material should I choose for my solar light?

We have polycarbonate, glass, and stainless steel pavers. For area that receive a lot of duress, we recommend the polycarbonate or the stainless steel pavers. In areas that you need brilliant accents, use the Iceberg series. Furthermore, even though our lights have the same rating of IP-68, some are still more resistant to water than others - the Iceberg series are most adept near water, though all of them can withstand floods and whatnot for extended periods of time and still function properly (if your area is prone to them!)

What is one of the less obvious differences between the lights?

Some of our products, such as SLF-15A models, have the solar panels embedded under the polycarbonate lens, so you can't really see it. Others, such as the SLF-PAV01A, have the solar panels visible on the side. In addition, others, such as our CYL-01A model, has the solar panels beautifully integrated into the design, so that even though they are visible, they are worked seamlessly into the light. Your aesthetic concerns and budget should determine your choice here.

How much weight can these lights bear?

All of our lights can handle at least several metric tonnes, so you don't need to worry about cars and light trucks.

How long does it take to charge?

They take about 6 hrs to get to full charge. Operation time varies between lights, and is basically dependent on the SIZE of the light (and thus, solar panels). They range from about 12 - 30+ hours on a single charge.

Do they work on rainy days?

Yes. They just won't have as much charge, so they may turn off at, say, 2 am instead of 7 am.

What is the approximate life span of the products?

If you are looking at the NiMH pavers, these last up to 5 years. The super capacitor pavers last approximately 10 years.

How do these lights help the environment?

First, our lights are RoHS certified, so we use non-toxic materials in the manufacturing of our solar lights. Second, our lights last a lot longer on average than others, up to 10+ years when compared to solar lights found elsewhere. Our products also save you electricity and electrical wiring!

How bright are the lights?

The lights are meant as accents, though they can be seen from 300-400+ yards away. It would be difficult to read by their light, but they are great at guiding you to your destination.

How do I maintain the solar lights?

Besides keeping the lens clean and making sure sunlight is hitting the solar panels, you should feel free to just enjoy the illumination they provide!

Can the ground lights be installed on vertical surfaces, like fences, vertical area of stairs, and walls?

Yes, though you need to make sure they receive enough sunlight, such as on walls facing south.

What do you need to install the lights?

There is no electrical wiring, transformers, or anything technical required, so you can just install them in any way that you like. The unit itself is self-contained, so everything that is needed is already inside the light.

When will I receive my products?

Solar light products will be at your door within 2-3 weeks, depending on quantity ordered.

How are you different from Solar Cynergy or Meteor Lighting?

Solar Lights Factory, along with Solar Cynergy and Meteor Lighting, all provide architectural lighting / solar paving products. However, whereas Solar Cynergy only provides a very limited number of small polycarbonate lens pavers, and Meteor Lighting provides a slightly larger line of stainless steel pavers, Solar Lights Factory provides glass, stainless steel, and polycarbonate/ABS plastic pavers in more designs and sizes - many of which you won't find anywhere else, since they are our exclusive designs. We also use high quality SUS304 stainless steel, high quality polycarbonate lens, tough ABS plastic, super-luminosity LED lights, and reinforced glass.