3 Unique Series

Solar Lights Factory offers 3 unique series of solar LED pavers that you won't find anywhere else.

Solar Lights Factory's Online Store

At Solar Lights Factory, we focus on easy. Our lights are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Now, we are excited to offer online purchasing options for our premium solar lighting products. Now it's easier to discover how our premium pavers can illuminate your nightscape.

We are also rapidly growing our offline availability, so ask your local lighting supplier for information on when our products may be available in your area!

Brief introduction to our solar lights

Our solar lights benefit more than your environment. We have the largest selectoin of premium quality solar LED pavers on the market and boast the easiest and lowest cost of installation and maintenance. And they add an enormous amount of class to your home or building. Below are just a few of their many features.

Solar Lights Benefits 1

Just Play, No Plugs

Easy installation. Zero maintenance. Totally self-contained light. No wires, no transformers, no external power sources, no electricity bills, immune to power outages. Sensors turn it on automatically at dusk and turns it off during the day.

Solar Lights Benefits 2


With the IP-68 rating, our solar LED pavers have the highest dust- and water- protection rating possible. While they won't survive in volcanos or the Antarctic, they will be fine most anywhere else, whether in freezing cold or blazing heat.

Solar Lights Benefits 3

Architectural Quality Materials

Our lights are made from ultra-bright LEDs, SUS304 grade stainless steel, reinforced glass, aluminum alloy, polycarbonate, and ABS plastic. You only need to hold it in your hands to feel the quality.

Solar Lights Benefits 4

Environmentally Safe

RoHS certified. Our solar lights operate at low-voltage and are sealed so as to prevent electric leakage. Of course, they use renewable energy and are CO2 emissions free.