For each of our Cylinder series, we offer two options for power storage - NiMH batteries (up to 5 years), or next generation Super Capacitor technology (approx. 10-15 years). Please select the technology that offers the lifetime that you require for your nightscaping project. Please choose one of the options above to explore the different products that we offer for each.

Soft Solar Light

Smooth Velvety Light

To match its sleek stainless steel exterior, the Cylinder gives off a classy cool light, perfect for contemporary outdoor patio or deck.

Designer Solar Light

Thoughtful Design

Our solar panels don't stick out like an afterthought. We've designed our Cylinders so that the solar panels are smartly integrated into the design, maximizing beauty with power.

Glass Solar Paver


Everything that's needed to set it up is pictured here. You're welcome.

Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Safe

RoHS certified. Our solar lights operate at low-voltage and are sealed so as to prevent electric leakage. Of course, they use renewable energy and are CO2 emissions free.