For each of our Iceberg series, we offer two options for power storage - NiMH batteries, or next generation Super Capacitor technology. Please select the technology that offers the lifetime that you require for your nightscaping project.

Brilliant Solar Light

Crisp, Brilliant Color

This requires absolutely no explanation. Our solar glass bricks offer big light in a small package.

Sealed Solar Light

Hermetically Sealed

Our Iceberg solar lights have an Ingress Protection rating of IP68, the highest possible rating. They're as dust- and water- proof as they come. Rain or shine, dust storm or thunder storm, your lights will be fine.

Glass Solar Paver

Tough Casing

Not only is our Iceberg extremely durable - they can bear up to 2 metric tonnes - but they let the LEDs shine beautifully.

Bright Solar Light

Textured Light

Our commitment to marry design and engineering has resulted in beautiful marbled light beams to add character to the surrounding atmosphere.