For each of our Paver series, we offer two options for power storage - NiMH batteries, or next generation Super Capacitor technology. Please select the technology that offers the lifetime that you require for your nightscaping project.

Ambient Lighting

Calm Ambience

For a calm and unobstrusive lightscape, the face of our solar brick lights feature a matte finish. These unassuming solar paver lights are the perfect accent lights for basically anywhere.

Durable Lighting


Our solar LED paver lights have an Ingress Protection rating of IP68, the highest possible rating. That means they are as water- and dust- proof as they get. The polycarbonate lens on our solar bricks and pavers also features an anti-skid pattern so your tires won't slip when you drive over them.

Thin Lighting


You don't need to dig a deep hole to install these solar LED paver lights. We've worked hard to make them as slim as possible so you don't have to work hard to install them.

Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Safe

RoHS certified. Our solar lights operate at low-voltage and are sealed so as to prevent electric leakage. Of course, they use renewable energy and are CO2 emissions free.