Click picture below to browse our wholesale catalog of solar lights. Right click and choose "Save Link As..." to download the Solar Lights Factory LED paver catalog in pdf format. We recommend using Adobe Reader 8 or higher.

Please feel free to email us at if interested in our products. We have a large number of lights, from polycarbonate solar LED pavers to solar stud lights to glass-encased solar lights in unique designs you won't find anywhere else. Feel free to email us with any questions about the specifications on any of our expanded line of solar lights.

Not only does our wholesale line offer a highly expanded line of solar light products, we also offer these lights in next generation super capacitor technology - that means these solar lights last an average of 10 to 15 years, up to max of 25. Essentially, these solar landscape lights will be able to pay for themselves by eliminating wiring, maintenance, and utility costs!

Individuals do not qualify for wholesale services. Minimum order quantities apply. We do not offer returns or refunds for orders in our wholesale line, but we offer a 1 year exchange warranty for any defects in the product.